happy birthday pauline!

This is an appreciation for Pauline Oliveros, an artist who has inspired me for nearly three decades.  In 1985, I discovered Pauline’s music in a vinyl album called The Wanderer (Lovely Music).

Five years later, I found a way to collaborate with her.  Pauline is the author of Deep Listening, which is based on her life practice:  “Listen to everything all the time and remind yourself when you are not listening.”

I watched this video yesterday.  It moved me to tears.  Here is what I love:  the seamless connection between the musician and the music.  It is in her movement – watch closely – the way that she sometimes precedes the notes with the movement impulse. Other times, the music and the movement erupt simultaneously.  It is like a current moving though her.  I teach a practice called Authentic Movement – the mover, eyes closed, waits to be moved.  That is  what I see here.  She is being moved by the music – as if she is being played.  I love the quickness and the whimsy, the volatility and spaciousness.  The color and contrast.  But mostly I love seeing her dance with the music, be danced by the music.

My own practice has a performance artist, a dancer, has cooked down to this:

Listen.  Move. Stillness.  Breathe.  Wait. Stillness.  Feel.  Let yourself be moved.  Listen.  Move. Wait.  Feel.  Wait to be moved. Move.  Stillness.  Breathe.

Thank you Pauline.



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