people together


Yesterday I had the great gift of seeing five Democratic women standing together on the stage in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Two women running for the House, Maggie Hassan running for senator, Senator Elizabeth Warren and the undeniable Hillary Clinton. They were joined by the excellent candidate for governor, Colin Van Ostern.

I was helping to recruit volunteers at the rally, moving along the endless line with my clipboard, asking for help.  Convincing quite a few that they could in fact canvass, that going from door to door is the thing that makes the difference, and that it can be oddly fun. An interesting, walking the talk way to spend an afternoon.

If you want to join this campaign, if you want to be a part of the real movement, the people’s response to hatred and bigotry, then drop me an email and I will connect you.  Anyone can make a few calls, anyone can knock on a few doors.  You will surprise yourself.  You will delight me.  You will make a difference.



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