Authentic Movement


Authentic Movement is perhaps the most profound and nourishing part of my personal practice.  It has reshaped my inner landscape in mysterious and unexpected ways.  It continues to nourish, unravel and reveal me to myself, after 30 years.  The echoes of that ritual exploration send their ripples out into everything I touch and perceive.

Some years ago I wrote this about my first experience of Authentic Movement:

Dropping into the vastness the stillness, the silence, and finding there an emptiness, a balm, and then an eruption, a commotion, a chaos. Wild ropes of movement that had laid dormant, waiting –  woven like ganglia into the spaces between the cells, knitted into the ligaments, wrapped around the tendons, sewn into the fibers of muscle, soaked into the bone, into the marrow.

Entering one’s movement is a leap of faith. That you will survive the cellular tintinnabulation of your stillness, as well as the storms of your movement. Entering knowing that you can dive into the abyss and emerge to have lunch and a cappuccino across the street; as if you had not just feasted on your own moving dreams in the corner of a sunlight studio.

I will be teaching an Authentic Movement Workshop in June, open to all.  I hope that you will join me.  Here are the details:

Moving from the Source:  an Authentic Movement Workshop

June 29, 1-5 pm


Danica Center for Physical Therapy and Movement Integration

101 Gay Street
Sharon, CT 06069

information and registration:




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