DSC_0991.JPGDeAnna Pellecchia with Pony

I am thrilled to be presenting a Conscious Touch, Conscious Movement with Horses workshop at the University of California at Santa Barbara as part of the annual Body-Mind Centering Association conference.

Conscious Touch and Conscious Movement is way of improving and deepening our relationship horses through the shared languages of touch and movement. Learning to connect with horses in this way helps us become more comfortable in our own skin, confident, trustworthy to ourselves and the horse, as well as sensitive and skillful in our riding and training, regardless of the discipline.  In my experience, this work with horses translates pretty seamlessly to our relationships with our spouses, children, friends, and ourselves.

When I am working with a client and a horse, I never know just how that session will unfold.  It is what I love about the work – it is deeply improvisational, and allows the essential invitation of Authentic Movement to undergird the process:  “wait to be moved.”  That means that the human has the opportunity to go underneath the cognitive habits of language, interpretation, analysis, and planning.  To rest in the moment and to listen.  To speak when moved in the shared, primal, intimate, and unpredictable languages of the body: movement and touch.


To arrange a session with Paula and a horse partner, contact me.




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