What I have observed is that for many of us there is a divide between our creative work and the rest of our lives. It can be difficult to maintain a sense of living wide-awake in a body when we are so tethered to the digital world and often disconnected from vibrant, physical experiencing.

I developed Breaking into Blossom:  Moving into an Improvisational Life as an online class because I wanted to offer some fresh ideas on how to close that gap from my perspective as an improvisational movement artist.  It  is designed to inspire you to become more daring, more playful and improvisational in all aspects of your life.

I am now offering the materials that I developed for that class in an eBook that contains ten chapters integrating images, writing and movement prompts, and specific strategies to help you engage creatively.  It includes:

  • Change:  How to shift your approaches to an idea or project.
  • Underscore:  How to develop an intentional underscore for your day or for a project.
  • Segments:  How shifts in activity and attention throughout the day can create greater focus .
  • Play: How to invite a playfulness..
  • Practice:  Identifying your meta-practice and its role in your work.
  • Moving and Listening:  Strategies for engaging the senses and the body.
  • Movement and Stillness:  Harnessing the power of engagement and recuperation using conscious movement and stillness.
  • Letting Go:  Learning how to drop it (even if you are going to pick it up again).
  • Flow:  Observing and harnessing the interplay of improvisation and flow.  How to cultivate a consummate creative state.

from Nicole Rushin
I have been truly graced by the presence of Paula Josa-Jones in my sphere of online influences. She created this e-book from a workshop she just offered and it is really amazing. It is fluid, it moves and it is beautiful. You will learn something about your body, movement and improvisation which we all need in this digital world. It is full of writing and journaling prompts and little ways to stop and focus or unfocus when tasks become stale. Paula has a wealth of experience in choreography and dance and now she brings her talents online. I love reading her posts everyday – but really enjoyed this e-book. The photography alone is stunning enough. There are some people who just make me want to be better at being me – and that is hard some days. I am also honored that she included one of my poems in her book (and I am not an affiliate) – I just think there are some online writers who deserve credit. And this is what Social Media is all about to me – sharing and connecting.


The cost is $12. You will receive the book as a pdf. You can order it here.




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  1. Reading through a lot of your blogs and writing …I feel so much the same , on many ideas you have touched on . Also a Horse lover and lover of the Healing Arts , I have many similar ideas but they were suppressed ,until I read your creative writings. I now have a little “bucket list” on how to get some of my ideas out of my head. I truly want to be a truer me … and looking forward to following passions, sharing s , writings , arts …. Namaste my creative friend . Hopefully will meet you someday when I visit my home of Massachusetts Donna Aloia

    • I hope so too. I will be offering a natural Partnership for You and Your Horse teleclass in January. I will be writing more about it over the next month.

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