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River/Body this weekend!

DSC05858Photos:  Pam White

Saturday and Sunday at 5 pm are the last days to see River/Body.  Please join us to see this beautiful water dance that is our gift to the communities that live within the Housatonic River watershed and beyond.  After all, the waters are connected and they connect us.  In fact, they flow in us as well as around us!

Tickets are FREE but attendance is limited, so reserve HERE.



DSC06226Dancers:  Aislinn MacMaster, Dillon Paul, DeAnna Pellecchia, Amy Wynn with Evangeline Johns



River/Body is here

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 9.27.23 PM

On Saturday, during one of our last rehearsals for River/Body, Cole, a young student from the Marvelwood School asked us two wonderful questions.  Cole is part of a team of young videographers working with their teacher, Ben Willis to create a documentary about the making of the dance.

First, he wanted to know if we had ever considered bringing something unexpected – an object, a surprising prop – into our performance.  He observed that the scarves we manipulate are wave and water-like, but wanted to know about something “outside the box”.” Dillon, one of the dancers, loved the idea and said, “Like what?  A refrigerator?”  We all tried to think what those unexpected things might be and how that would change the performance. Actually, I think Cole just gave us an inspiration for the next iteration of River/Body.

Secondly, he wanted to know if we had ever done any kind of ‘nature-art situation” before. So we shared with him our exprience of dancing with horses.  To me, dancing the river is similar in many ways to the equine dances.  We are entering and communicating with a different physicality.  Riding the currents of that different body.  Enngaging with the body-mind of that other being.  And yes, we see and feel the river is a being.

On Sunday we had to make a firm decision about whether to perform in a river that had become so high and fast running that we could not safely dance with her.  I have known horses like that.  It is important to know the limits.  It is disappointing not to dance in the Shepaug, but we were also happy to return to the beautiful Housatonic and know that all of our performances would be held kindly by her watery body.

UPDATE: all performances will take place at North Kent Road, Kent, CT

August 18 & 19 and August 25 & 26 will be performed at the river access at North Kent Road, Kent, CT.  We are limiting attendance to protect the site and work within the concerns of the town, so you will neeed to reserve your FREE ticket HERE.

Please join us.  We have made something beautiful, something surprising, something moving.

Thank you to Housatonic Heritage, Housatonic Valley Association, Berkshire Taconic Foundation and our loving individual donors

See you at the river!






river/body – into the waters!!


DSC05245Dillon Paul in River/Body

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 12.22.05 PMAislinn MacMaster in River/Body

June 14 was our first 2018 rehearsal in the Housatonic River in Kent for River/Body.  Dancers Aislinn MacMaster and Dillon Paul entered the waters.  Pam White recorded some images and video.


Performances will take place on August 18-19 and 25-26 at 5 pm.

Precise locations and directions to the Housatonic (in Kent, CT) and Shepaug Rivers (Steep Rock Preserve, Washington, CT) sites to be announced.

Performances are free to the public, children welcome.

Live music will be provided by beloved and acclaimed local percussionist, John Marshall.


Here is a glimpse into our river rehearsals. . .

river dancing

DSC05093 2

On Thursday evening, Pam White and I drove down to the banks of the Housatonic River in Kent, CT to commemorate World Water Day.  Here is a a video that Pam shot of my dance with the river.

We are in the last 7 days of our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for River/Body, which will premiere in and on the Housatonic in August 2018. 

This dance is for anyone who who has a body, who drinks water, who loves to take a shower, or a bath, or go for a swim, or appreciate any body of water at any time of the year in any part of the world.

This dance is for you.

We need your help! 

Please make a donation, and share with friends.