The Dancer and the Dance

Why do we dance and where do these dances come from? I am interested in intention, inspiration, obsession, improvisation as a political act, and improvisation as passionate gesture. I want to know more about what the body desires, what it demands, where it takes us and how often we do not go along for the ride; about rhythm, stillness and listening; about finding and losing oneself in the movement and the moment.

What I love to see in performance is something Stephen Nachmanovitch in Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art says about art, absorption and flow: "The noun of self becomes a verb."

What I am seeking is the complete, exquisite surrender of the dancer to the dance. Movement and mover inseparable, incandescent. That is my goal as a choreographer and as a performer. It is at the heart of my teaching and my dancemaking.

. . . your work has never deviated from it's wonderful strangeness and intensity. It has only matured over time, and has even more intellectual richness and depth, more detail and nuance. You are an extraordinary artist!

Dena Davida, Curator and Educator, Tangente, Montreal, QC

Your concert and residency activities with us exemplified a sure professionalism combined with vision, invention and craft. Ashes, Ashes is a powerful and unusual work which has provided my students with a performance vehicle that is challenging, provocative, darkly beautiful and ideally suited to their abilities. Repertory selections performed by your company were intelligently chosen and displayed the range of your art - one of total theater and the dimensions of the soul.

Dante Del Giudice, Director of Dance, Rhode Island College

Your company's residency and performance were high points for the John Michael Kohler Center and for me personally. You brought to Sheboygan work that demonstrated fearless and soulful exploration to a degree not yet seen in this community. In addition, your sensitive, respectful and individualized approach to each and every audience created an intimate connection for a broad spectrum of the community, from the age of three to adult. Aviva Davidson, Curator of Performing Arts

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