people together


Yesterday I had the great gift of seeing five Democratic women standing together on the stage in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Two women running for the House, Maggie Hassan running for senator, Senator Elizabeth Warren and the undeniable Hillary Clinton. They were joined by the excellent candidate for governor, Colin Van Ostern.

I was helping to recruit volunteers at the rally, moving along the endless line with my clipboard, asking for help.  Convincing quite a few that they could in fact canvass, that going from door to door is the thing that makes the difference, and that it can be oddly fun. An interesting, walking the talk way to spend an afternoon.

If you want to join this campaign, if you want to be a part of the real movement, the people’s response to hatred and bigotry, then drop me an email and I will connect you.  Anyone can make a few calls, anyone can knock on a few doors.  You will surprise yourself.  You will delight me.  You will make a difference.



up close, personal


So today was my first day canvassing in New Hampshire. Getting up close to strangers who are voters. Making it personal.  It is not easy, standing at the door that is not opening, wondering if they are cowering somewhere in the house waiting for us to leave so that they do not have to HEAR IT.  Trying to calibrate the way you approach the door – friendly but not manic.

I am actually good at this. There are doors that I won’t approach, but not many.  Mostly, I want to make a connection.  I want to, as we say in the horse world, join up. Today it was raining, so we look very determined and vulnerable, which may open some otherwise closed doors.

We met one young man – a Hillary hater who wants “change.”  I didn’t ask it at the time, but I will next time. What do you actually want to change?  I am genuinely curious, and willing to listen.  I will let you know what I learn.

dance, body

DSC00667_2Photo:  Pam White; Paula Josa-Jones in “Auf Dein Eigenes Wohl”


How do you think of dance?

Is it shapes?

Steps moving across a stage?

Or is it the body

steeped in its years

on earth?

Is it the body inseparable

from everything?

Are you dancing now?

If you are breathing,

that is a start.

Are you listening,

to the sound of that breath?

Better still.

take heart

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 9.07.16 PM

I took this picture in New Hampshire in October 2012 when I was campaigning for Barack Obama.  This week I will travel north to campaign for Hillary.

In what has been a protracted assault of “noxious word spew” (Samantha Bee’s words – watch the Pussy Riot episode), I am feeling soiled, triggered, disgusted by the degradation of our discourse.  What to do, what to do? I need to handle my rage before I go knock on doors.

So here is some of what I am doing, in no particular order:

  • Getting outside to take in the astonishing color and the delectable, golden late afternoon light.
  • Breathing.
  • Watching The Voice (my guilty pleasure), and savoring the sister play of Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys.
  • Lifting weights, doing deep plies, push ups, dancing to sweat – this is not really my usual protocol, but I need to cycle in some power.
  • Riding my horses and letting their softness and goodness come into my cells.
  • Not playing any podcasts that contain the other candidate’s name.
  • Making calls for Hillary in the evening.

Here is the thing.  I LOVE Hillary.  I love that she is human, that she is a fighter, that she has navigated the Class 5 rapids of 30 years of attack by a party defined by its ugly, entrenched misogyny.  I love her laugh, her compassion, her ability to listen, her willingness to keep going, her devotion to women’s rights.  I love that she speaks in sentences that actually make sense, and that she can respond her for to changing conditions and new perspectives (thank you Bernie).

So I am going to take my strong, albeit bruised heart in hand and go speak from that heart to strangers.  I am going to do my best not to take anything personally.  I am just going to put my head down and work.  I am going to do this with old friends from previous campaigns, and new friends that I will meet.

This takes a lot of courage.  I remember well the feeling of walking up to a door and not knowing what I would meet. It can be daunting, and in a climate of extreme political acrimony, it is downright scary  My model will be Hillary, who gets up every day and faces the crazy music. I will heed Michelle Obama’s words and go high to the best of my ability.

And I will be posting from the road.  So watch this space, and wish me luck.