is a videodance film and performance by choreographer Paula Josa-Jones in collaboration with video artist Ellen Sebring. Raving In Wind is inspired by the avian images of Leonard Baskin in his book Raptors, and the choreographer's travels in the Galapagos.

Josa-Jones says of her Galapagos experience: "While there, I was particularly struck by two birds I saw with broken wings: a great blue heron and a lava gull. I watched them for days as they stood in a shallow lagoon near the sea. The lava gull's wing was like an exotic explosion of gray flowers. The heron appeared to me as an old man in a large gray coat with an empty sleeve. From time to time, each would stretch its good wing, or slowly shift position. I was stunned by their stillness, the absence of flight, and my own feeling of yearning for that which is irretrievably lost."

Raving in Wind was commissioned by The Joyce Theater's Fund for New Work, the New Forms program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, and supported by a residency at The Corporation of Yaddo.