a six-week online, experiential seminar
in trauma-informed somatic movement practices
for therapists, body workers and somatic practitioners

Paula Josa-Jones MA, CLMA, MSME/T, SEP, TTEAM
Wednesdays, March 8 - April 12
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The body is a moving archive -
a breathing reservoir of our bodily experience.
Movement is the body's language and voice.
Breath is the body's anchor.
When we invite the body to move without judgment or hurry,
we open to the body's wisdom.
Paula Josa-Jones

The goals of this program are:
  • Building skill and confidence in your ability to integrate movement into your therapeutic practice.

  • Understanding how movement awareness can enhance your observational and relational skills.

  • Learning how to bring improvisational and intentional somatic movement perspectives and insights to your practice.

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Laban Movement Analysis and how it can expand your understanding and experience of movement expression.

    This class deepens our connection to the body through conscious movement, breath, touch, sound and imagery. In cultivating an improvisational spirit of exploration, we can help our clients and ourselves access greater expression and expansion. Grounding experience in the moving body gives us a clear and vibrant sense of our sensual connection to the earth, each other and ourselves, while moving mindfully and spontaneously restores qualities of connectivity, openness and integration by dissolving the separation between inner and outer experiencing.

    The skills we will cover in this class will build confidence in your ability to integrate movement as a tool for supporting trauma recovery by deepening your embodiment and somatic movement experience and awareness.