Teaching Reviews

  • So no, Paula did not teach me how to point my foot better or how to get my leg higher in the air. She taught me how to dance. I now encompass an entire new approach to movement in my dance toolbox that I will forever utilize. The initiation work I did with her will always be present in every piece of choreography I partake in. I thank her for changing the way I move. It thrills me to come into class every day and witness the effect she left on every single one of the dancers that she taught. We all are truly grateful to have someone like Paula as our Guest Artist in Residence this semester.
    Stefanie Gordon, Graduate Student, Boston University

  • Paula is an outstanding individual. As an artist-teacher she approaches her work with a rare combination of intelligence, energy, and sensitivity. Paula is an extremely articulate dancer interested in all language, the silent and the spoken. She has developed to a high level a rich and meticulous vocabulary integrating anatomy, kinesiology, Labanalysis, and her own wealth of imagery.
    Virginia Reed,D.T.R. Certified Laban Movement Analyst

  • Paula's teaching is inspiring, insightful and unadorned. She immediately engages students with clear and imaginative instructions and precise prompts. Her class is a powerful experience of movement in the moment. We are deeply grateful to Paula for sharing with us so generously her wisdom, knowledge and experience.
    Kalya Yannatos, The Putney School, Putney, VT

  • Your concert and residency activities with us exemplified a sure professionalism combined with vision, invention and craft. Ashes, Ashes is a powerful and unusual work which has provided my students with a performance vehicle that is challenging, provocative, darkly beautiful and ideally suited to their abilities. Repertory selections performed by your company were intelligently chosen and displayed the range of your art - one of total theater and the dimensions of the soul.

    Dante Del Giudice, Director of Dance, Rhode Island College

  • Your company's residency and performance were high points for the John Michael Kohler Center and for me personally. You brought to Sheboygan work that demonstrated fearless and soulful exploration to a degree not yet seen in this community. In addition, your sensitive, respectful and individualized approach to each and every audience created an intimate connection for a broad spectrum of the community, from the age of three to adult. Aviva Davidson, Curator of Performing Arts

  • Paula's ability to communicate her enthusiasm, along with her extensive knowledge of dance made the course completely enjoyable. She is highly creative in her teaching, her instructions are always clear, and she challenges us to think in new ways about our bodies and movement.
  • All I can say is that you are the best dance teacher I could ever hope to have. I saw you transform 30 random peope in my beginner class into dancers in a few short month. You have greatly enhanced my already considerable love for dance!
  • I took this class based on your wonderful reputation and am so glad I did! You have taught me so mnuch and I thank you for beng so patient with me. I hope I have the opportunity to be your student someday again.
  • Paula's classes built upon each other, making a continual learning "flow". The exercises were really mind-opening and made me realize a new way of thinking about the body and dance itself.
  • Paula! Cares about us, is interested in us, helps us, but lets us be independent too.
  • Make a class with Paula a requirement! I learned more about myself and life and thinking and feeling in this class than I have in any experience I've had before.
  • Paula gave us more love and support than can be expected from any teacher. She gave each student her full attention, always offered correction, but never intruded upon our creative processes. And she knows more about dance than anyone I've ever come across.
  • A mind-opening experience about what dance is about. I've never left a dance class feeling like I've learned so much. Paula took the fear out of dancing for me.
  • For more information on teaching, master classes or workshops contact Paula or submit an inquiry.