The Integrative, Healing Power of Touch
with Paula Josa-Jones, CMA, MSMET, SEP

"The primary sense organs of touch and movement are located throughout the body -- in every cell. Movement and touch develop simultaneously. Touch is the other side of movement. Movement is the other side of touch. They are the shadow of each other." Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Body-Mind Centering®

"Skin and brain develop from exactly the same primitive cells. Depending upon how you look at it, the skin is the outer surface of the brain, or the brain is the deepest layer of the skin. Surface and innermost core spring from the same mother tissue. My tactile experience is just as central to my thought processes as are language skills or categories of logic." Job's Body, by Deane Juhan

Touch is a powerful way of bringing greater feeling and organization to the body and regulation to the nervous system. I am trained in Connective Tissue Technique (CTT), Tellington TTouch and Somatic Experiencing® Touch. For the past forty years, I have integrated touch modalities into my teaching and private practice. I have been profoundly influenced by my work with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Linda Tellington-Jones. Decisions about how to work with touch are made in response to your specific needs and concerns.

Tellington TTouch is a method of circular touches, lifts and strokes developed by horsewoman and Feldenkrais practitioner Linda Tellington-Jones. She calls it "turning the lights on at the cellular level." Linda understands that every cell knows its own function, and holds the potential for realizing its own perfection and ideal functioning. She found that TTouch - with companion animals, horses, wild animals and humans - expanded the ability to stay calm when presented with something new or threatening. TTOuch awakens unused neural pathways, restores qualities of fluidity and connectedness and is profoundly helpful in working gently with physical injury and trauma.

Somatic Experiencing® is a trauma healing method developed by Dr. Peter Levine. The touch work in this method focuses on the support of a body-mind coherence and resilience, and on building capacity for containment of our experiences, rather than on physical repair. SE touch pays particular attention to the joints, diaphragms and viscera in support of support the increased capacity to contain high-energy states without losing stability.

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