Enhancing Horsemanship Skills with Movement and Touch

Paula brings her experience as a movement educator, movement analyst, and movement therapist to her work with riders. Rather than focusing on "fixing" the horse, Paula looks at where the rider may be holding habitual patterns of imbalance or tension, offering specific exercises to help release resistance and find greater ease and flow. Often these restrictions arise from the simple size difference between horse and human, and the fact that our default is often force, rather than a more subtle and soft approach to our horsemanship. When we have a deeper awareness of how our body (and mind) are responding, and how those responses are affecting the horse, we can more easily unravel whatever may be inhibiting both communication and performance in the horse and the rider.

By learning basic movement awareness skills that expand softness and connection, you will create greater physical and emotional balance and ease for you and your horse. Simple groundwork exercises, many drawn from the Tellington TTEAM methods, and movement observation practices help to create clearer communication, and improved physical and emotional balance for both horse and human.

What a gift to horsemanship and consciousness! I can't wait for Paula's next class. She provided great practices and tools for transforming the foundation of our relationship with our horses - as well as any other living creature. Such a shift will bring more grace, ease and joy into the lives of all. I will enjoy being present with my four (and two) legged partners more, simply noticing the "problems/challenges" disappearing.
Louise Dobish, Michigan

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