fierce, brilliant beauty

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I have been wanting to write something, but words fail me.  I feel that I have an obligation to speak, to join the big turbulent river of outrage, unrest, change, transformation, fury, sorrow, horror, and compassion.

As a privileged white woman, I question my voice.  As a queer woman, I know something about this ground.  My two daughters are Nepali, I have a black son-in-law, and two half-black, half-Nepali grandchildren. We are an American multi-ethnic, gender-fluid family.

I have been hearing so many voices, so many wise and rich perspectives, but I have been missing the unvarnished, unapologetic outrage until I heard Kimberley Jones on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. Her understanding of the historic (and ongoing) denigration and obstruction of black and brown people is brilliant.

I am grateful beyond words for her passion, her clarity, her bravery. I want everyone to hear her, to fully grasp what she is saying, and to share it.


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