MOVE WRITE MOVE: Writing from the Body

A workshop for movers who think they can't write and writers who think they can't move
and for those who love to do both!

Come play with movement and words in ways you may never have thought to try, and discover how one inspires the other. When we connect words and movement both are transformed. Grounding our awareness in the body gives us a clear and immediate sense of ourselves, of our own meaning and stories. By connecting movement and words we cultivate a moment-to-moment awareness and find true voice. With stillness and movement we tap into experience, thought, feeling, memory and dream finding words to take from the body to the page and off the page into the body.

  • How can writing inform my movement practice?
  • How can moving my body deepen my writing?
  • What words are generated from the body?
  • What movement is generated from words?

  • Both experienced and inexperienced movers and writers who want to play are welcome. We will weave improvisational movement practices with spontaneous writing exercises.

    When Carol Burnes and Paula Josa-Jones combine forces, our capacity to understand ourselves and deepen relationships is augmented. A kind of alchemy, the transmutation of Carol's words and Paula's movement yield creative gold. Dance becomes the abcs and writing moves the body. This field of writing-movement helps us explore and understand the origin, structure, evolution, and destiny of our personal universe.
    Lisa Daigle

    Dancing, moving, drawing are things I have no talent for. Then, this workshop. My body is ELOQUENT -- always has been. Even though people have told me for years that they can tell what I'm thinking by my silences, by my body language, I say What body? What language? You enabled me to see that I have always been deaf to my own language, even though I write all the time. I who coach people on how they sound and look, I have avoided the mirror for so very long. What I learned was a degree of mindfulness that has been unavailable to me till this Sunday. It was another layer of awareness to realize that I chose my partner on the basis of her energy, and was that pairing a blessing or what! Thank you -- the words are so little, to convey appreciation for allowing me to step through a doorway I didn't know was there, into a world I had not dared dream could be mine.
    Penny Post

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    PAULA JOSA-JONES, MA, CMA, MSME/T, is a choreographer, director, writer and equestrian who has developed a unique form of visually charged dance-theater built on the sensuous experience of the body as landscape and source for movement and voice. Her work includes theatrical choreography for humans, inter-species work with horses and dancers, film and video. Her writings on movement and dance have been published in Contact Quarterly. Paula is dedicated to nourishing improvisational practice in work and play, and discovering how to be non-habitual in mind and body. Paula coaches anyone who wants to connect body, mind, heart and spirit.
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    CAROL BURNES, EDM, is an internationally published poet, workshop leader and performer, teaching for over 25 years in the US, UK., Europe and Australia. She also has an international reputation as a performance poet and storyteller; her one-woman show Suddenly Single won mention in the London Times. She coaches all ages and stages of writers from novelists to lawyers, doctors, artists and dissertation writers, from school students and business people, to those who would rather be watching a football game. As a poet with three books to her credit, she believes that the major issues in any kind of writing are magnified in the process of creating poems, and uses poetry as a tool in her teaching. Carol supports students who are lost, stuck or anxious, in their writing through her unique techniques culled from a variety of disciplines. She is available to coach anyone who has a writing or speaking project or desire.
    Carol Burnes/Taming Words