Letting Go

From Tilt Photo by Pam White

Yesterday we took one daughter to college.  Tomorrow daughter #2 goes off to college.   Two weeks ago, I made the decision to sell my gelding Amadeo.  I have come to see, painfully and over a long period of time, that I am not the best dance partner for this horse.  Holding on to him is clinging to an old dream.  Like trying to hold onto my girls as they launch into their new lives. There is something about these kinds of emptying changes that is uncomfortable, violent.  Hurricane Irene steaming up the East coast feels like this – inevitable, unpredictable.  What I can do is bring in the plants and the lawn furniture, gather the cats, make sure that the girls’ laundry is done and that they have what they need. Love them.  Look for a loving home for Deo, with someone who can dance his beautiful dance.  And most of all, hold myself gently through all these passing storms of change.


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